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Flow Cytometry*

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The BD Influx is a six way cell sorter equipped with a blue 488nm laser. The cytometer has four detectors with the following filters: 692/40, 530/40, 580/30, 610/20. There is also a small particle attachment for the Forward Scatter detector allowing for higher resolution of events with lower sizes. Flow nozzles available are 70um, 86um, 100um, catering for a range of particle sizes. Typical uses for this machine at our institute include segregation of cells according to cell division phase, and characterizing water samples from natural water bodies (lakes, sea).

  • Six way sort (up to)
  • Blue laser, Solid state sapphire
  • Detectors: 692/40, 530/40, 580/30, 610/20.
  • Small particle detector
  • Nozzle sizes: 70um, 86um, 100um.
  • Typical sea water analysis ‘setup’




The Apogee A50 Micro from Apogee Flowsystems is a compact desktop, easy to use, stand-alone cytometer aimed at measuring small particles and is ideal for investigating bacterial samples.  The cytometer has both a Red and a Blue laser, along with the following filter sets: 692/40, IR 800 LP, CHL, 525/30. A useful tool available with this cytometer is its ability to count events (cells), with the possibility of converting  precisely to concentration due to the highly regulated volumes used during measurements.

  • Small particle analysis ‘bacteria’
  • Red Laser, Blue Laser (LED source)
  • Detectors 692/40, IR 800 LP, CHL, 525/30
  • No sorting, but easy high through put
  • Event/Cell counts – Concentration of sample



While samples from the influx can be sorted or recovered, this is not possible with the Apogee A50.

Data Analysis

All data measured on our cytometers are saved as FCS files which can then be later analysed. Recommended programs for cytometric data analysis are below

  • Flowjo X (ten) (Trial – Pay)
  • Flowing (Free & Open-Source)

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