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Institute of Michrobiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

ALGATECH – The Centre of Algal Biotechnology evolved from the Laboratory of Algal Research, founded in 1960 in Třeboň. Throughout its history, the Třeboň’s site of the Institute of Microbiology of the CAS has focused on microscopic algae and their use in food and feed industries and in human and veterinary medicine. At present, the ALGATECH Centre is an internationally recognised centre for basic and applied research of microalgae, cyanobacteria and photosynthetic bacteria, including the development of algal biotechnology. It is the largest centre of microalgae research in the Czech Republic.The ALGATECH Centre is housed in the historic building of Opatovický Mill from the 18th century, which has been recently renovated. The Centre also operates unique thin - layer cultivation units for autotrophic cultivation and a biotechnological hall for heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae, including the equipment for processing algal biomass. The Centre is known for its excellent research in photosynthesis and algal cell cycles.

New publication

Laboratory of Cell Cycles of Algae

Special Issue "Cell Cycle Regulation of Algae" Guest Edited by Dr. Kateřina Bišová
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From Laboratory of Photosynthesis

Chlorophyll f synthesis by a super-rogue photosystem II complex

Joko P. Trinugroho, Martina Bečková, Shengxi Shao, Jianfeng Yu, Ziyu Zhao, James W. Murray, Roman Sobotka, Josef Komenda & Peter J. Nixon 

Nature Plants volume 6, pages238–244(2020)

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From Laboratory of Photosynthesis

Cyanobacterial sigma factors: Current and future applications for biotechnological advances

Amit Srivastava, Michael L. Summers, Roman Sobotka

Biotechnology Advances, Volume 40, May–June 2020, 107517

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Laboratory of Algal Biotechnology

Photobiochemical changes in Chlorella g120 culture during trophic conversion  (metabolic pathway shift) from heterotrophic to phototrophic growth regime
By:Babaei, A [ 1,2 ] ; Ranglova, K (Ranglova, Karolina)[ 1,3 ] ; Malapascua, JR (Malapascua, Jose R.)[ 1,4 ] ; Torzillo, G (Torzillo, Giuseppe, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYCOLOGY

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How to attract more ERC €10M grants in eastern Europe


Photo, text: Science Business Publishing Ltd.


Poster award from USA

Annual Algal Biomass Summit in Orlando, USA knows the best scientific posters. That´s great that the poster "Biostimulant and biopesticide activity of Chlorella sp. cultured in pilot scale" by our colleague Karolína Ranglová is in second place. Results are part of the Horizon 2020 SABANA project.

New project Interreg CZ-AT

Laboratory of Algal Biotechnology get a new applied research and development project with the Faculty of Fishery of the Southbohemian University, austrian Ministry of Water Management and austrian company BEST GmbH. The project ALGAE4FISH is focused on use microalgae during rearing of pike perch fry.

HORIZON 2020 - BBI Project

Lab of algal biotechnology and Lab of cell cycles recieved prestigious H2020 Bio Based Industry project focused on microalgae in food, feed and cosmetics. Both autotrophy and heterotrophy technology and mutagenesis are the main topics as well as use of counter current chromatography for a downstream processing. Globe market players like ForFarmers, Upfield or I.F.F. participate on the project.

Czech and Austrian scientists celebrate success

The project REEgain: Recycling of Rare Earths from Electronic Waste - EU project "Interreg V-A AT CZ" was selected by the Lower Austrian Government as a demonstration project! On this occasion, a new promotional video was made for the project - you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/dcOHqJH0Bu8. Czech and Austrian scientists can ecologically recycle rare earth elements from electronic waste! Press release here►

Important events

Algatech Summer School 2019 is over

Twelve selected students from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Tunisia, France, Spain and Italy worked for three weeks at the Třeboň Institute of Microbiology,CAS - Algatech Centre under the supervision of our tutors on eight projects whose final evaluation took place on Thursday, July 25. 2019. We hope that all students have learned a lot of new knowledge about scientific work in our laboratories, which they will use not only for further study.

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