Centre Algatech

Institute of Michrobiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Laboratory of algal biotechnology  

Pavel Hrouzek's group

Bioactive compounds

Jiří Masojídek's group

Photoautotrophic cultivation

Jiří Kopecký's group

Biorafination and downstream processing

Kumar Saurav´s group

Natural products Biosynthesis and regulation

Laboratory of Algal biotechnology

Due to algae and cyanobacteria ability to effectively transform sunlight and simple inorganic nutrients into complex organic compounds, they found utilization in a number of biotechnological applications. The use of algae spans from food and feed sector to wastewater treatment. Thanks to their unique chemical structures algal and cyanobacterial compounds can be utilized in pharmacology. On the other hand, some of these compounds can possess environmental and human health risk.

Our laboratory aims the employment of algae and cyanobacteria in biotechnology with a special focus on discovery and isolation of novel compounds applicable in pharmacology and biotechnology.

Novel bioactive metabolites and their biosynthesis

Our main goal in this field is to discover novel low molecular metabolites applicable in pharmacology especially in anticancer and antimicrobial therapy. We also aim to characterize possible adverse effect of these metabolites on surrounding ecosystems and human. This research area includes study of genetic background of metabolite biosynthesis for purposes of generation of novel analogs and the genomic screening for novel structures.

Physiology of algal cultures and optimization of algal growth for production of valuable compounds

The main aim of algal culture physiology group is to optimize the cultivation conditions of algal/cyanobacterial strains to enhance their biomass production and/or production of valuable compounds. This area includes the development of novel algae cultivation units. We also study the utilization of algal cultures for various biotechnological applications (use in aquacultures and waste water treatment).

Biorefinery and downstream processing of algal cultures

The biorefinery group develop the methods for effective isolation of valuable carotenoids and poly-unsaturated fatty acids from algal biomass. Our long-term goal is to establish the biorefinery processes for complete use of algal/cyanobacterial biomass obtained in autotrophic and heterotrophic mode of cultivation.