Centre Algatech

Institute of Michrobiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Structural Basis for Biogenesis of Photosynthetic Membrane Complexes

Project Info

  • Name: Structural Basis for Biogenesis of Photosynthetic Membrane Complexes
  • Registration Number: ORFS-2023-OFP-5561.2
  • Grant Provider: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 
  • Period: 2024 - 2025
  • Total Subsidity:  (USD): 79 200,00

Project Leader

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Professor Andreas Naschberger)

Project Leader for MBÚ AV ČR Třeboň

Prof. Dr. Josef KomendaLaboratory of Photosynthesis
Prof. Dr. Roman SobotkaLaboratory of Photosynthesis

Project Description

The project will provide molecular and mechanistic insight into coordinated modular assembly of photosystems including the structural and photoprotective role of several assembly factors. Apart from high resolution structures of several small PSI and PSII assembly intermediates and large PSII/PSI supercomplexes the project will utilize a unique cryo-electron tomography approach to localize and characterize the PSI/PSII biogenesis in situ in the cyanobacterial cell. The project is separated into three main objectives:

  •      Objective 1: Preparation of assembly intermediates in sufficient quality and quantity for cryo-EM structural studies
  •      Objective 2: Structural analysis of the intermediates at near atomic resolution
  •      Objective 3: Exploring the localization of assembly intermediates in situ by cryo-section-ET




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