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C4Sys - Center for Systems Biology


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C4Sys - Center for Systems Biology

prof. RNDr. Josef Komenda, DSc.

Laboratory of Photosynthesis

5 864 000

The key topics covered are the biogenesis of photosynthetic apparatus, metabolism of photosynthetic pigments and structure and toxicity of cyanobacterial secondary metabolites. The team has long-term experience with photosynthetic organisms, and uses cutting-edge multidisciplinary techniques, optimized for studies with cyanobacteria. Focus:

  • a spectrum of approaches to build and exploit predictive maps and models of complex biological systems that range from the molecular (genetic networks, snRNA, ion homeostathis, protein interaction networks etc) to the whole organism (yeast, bacteria, cynaobacteria, ticks) level,
  • the design of experimental approaches (bioreactors, two-photon polarization microscopy, ion fluxes, metagenomics, isotope fingerprinting, stopped-flow, rapid-quench flow, ITC and DSC microcalorimetry, microfluidics, CD-spectroscopy, robotic GC spectrometry, ChIP techniques) to efficiently collect data that are fit for modelling and
  • stewardship of relevant data, models and maps.