Centre Algatech

Institute of Michrobiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Laboratory of Applications 

The Laboratory of Applications ALGATECH secures contract and applied research in the following fields:

  • Development of new technological methods leading to increase of microalgae productivity in phototrophic and heterotrophic regimes.
  • Development of new methods for isolation of bioactive compounds.
  • Innovation of downstream processes in the production of algal biomass.
  • Research of microalgae metabolism.
  • Development of new methods and instruments for research and application in agriculture, environment monitoring and aquaculture.
  • Research of phototrophic microorganisms as a potential source of biofuels, mainly hydrogen.
  • Development of methods for metal bioremediation and recycling with the use of microalgae.
  • Analysis of pigments.
  • Radioactive labelling and detection.
  • Custom-made cultivation and processing of microalgae.
  • Organizing of specialized seminars, workshops, conferences.
  • Consultancy.

The Laboratory of Applications has the use of cultivation facilities from the laboratory scale to pilot autotrophic and heterotrophic units with the volume up to 1500 litres and area up to 1000 m2.
The Biotechnological hall enables pilot plant drying of microalgae suspension. The analytical instruments in the ALGATECH Centre enables performance of detail analysis of biomass, and measurement of photosynthetic and growth parameters.

Information about the Applied Lab can be found on TRANSFER PORTAL CAS.

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