Centre Algatech

Institute of Michrobiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Laboratory of Photosynthesis 

Projects running in the laboratory:

Post-Doctoral fellows:

Eva Kiss

Regulatory function(s) of Gun4 protein, interconnection between the cellular redox/metabolic homeostasis and chlorophyll biosynthesis



  Petra Skotnicová 

 Role of Curt protein, regulation of tetrapyrrole pathway,  expression of eukaryotic chlorophyll-binding proteins in cyanobacteria



Minna Koskela 

Analysis of Photosystem II assembly intermediates and high-light inducible proteins, application  of amphipols



Lenka Bučinská

Biogenesis of thylakoid membrane, ultrastructure of cyanobacterial cell



Markéta Linhartová

Role and biogenesis of pilin proteins in cyanobacteria



PhD students

Divya Aggarwal

Heme biosynthesis in cyanobacteria, ferrochelatase enzyme



Peter Koník

Analysis of cyanobacterial protein complexes by mass spectrometry - cross-linking, post-translation modifications



Anna Wysocka

Function of Hlips, translocon machinery




Past laboratory members:

Amit Srivastava (Post-doc)

Marek Pazderník (PhD student)

Rebeca Z. Perez  (Post-doc)

Mahendra Kumar Shukla (PhD project)

Nabil el Jaber Vazdekis (Post-doc)

Judith Noda (Post-doc)

Jana Kopečná (PhD project, Post-doc)

Jitka Kručinská (Bc project, MSc project)

Monika Žuberová (MSc project)



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