Centre Algatech

Institute of Michrobiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

INTERREG V-A Austria – Czech Republic 2014 – 2020 

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Recycling of nutrients from agriculture-industrial wastes in the way of cultivation of microalgae as a fish feed.
Recycling von Nährstoffen aus agro-industriellen Reststoffen durch die Kultivierung von Mikroalgen für Fischfutter

řešitel projektu: Ing. Karolína Ranglová
Laboratoř řasové biotechnologie


Total € 798 403.02

ERDF € 678 642.55




The project is focused on the utilization of wastewater nutrients for phytoplankton production, which will be further used as I) primary feed for zooplankton rearing for early stages of valuable fish species, II) valuable feedstock for increasing fish meat quality and III) material for fish farming based on to "greenwater". The main objective is the joint research, development and demonstration of the technology of using waste nutrients to produce high quality feed for intensive fish farming. By implementing the project, the knowledge of wastewater treatment technology will be combined with knowledge of microalgae cultivation as a source of valuable substances and experience in the rearing of fish in intensive aquacultures that exist in both regions and complement each other. The result of the project is a description of the technology, including demonstration devices, which will be tested in full operating conditions in the Czech Republic and A. Part of the dissemination will be a series of training events for target groups (fish producers, professional and interest associations, authorities, operators of biogas stations, farmers). Existing approaches only address sub-areas (wastewater-free sewage treatment, intensive fish farming without further feed improvement, unsatisfied demand for valuable fish), and their interconnection will benefit the region while presenting it as a region with innovative waste-utilization potential.