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2017 - 2019






Gemeinsame Erforschung von Naturstoffen aus Blaualgen als Entwicklungsmodell der grenzüberschreitenden wissenschaftlichen Partnerschaft

prof. RNDr. Ondřej Prášil, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Algal Biotechnology
Laboratory of Cell cycles
Laboratory of Photosynthesis

Total € 897,11

ERDF € 762,54

SR € 134,57


The objective of the project is to link two major research and inovation centres of the region – Centre Algatech of the Institute of Microbiology in Třeboň, South Bohemia  and the Science Centre Straubing in Bavaria. The aim is the joint research of cyanobacteria as a source of valuable substances with the complex use of the rest of biomass. Czech partner input to the joint project is the know-how in the field of mass cultivation of suitable microalgae, increasing biomass production and extraction techniques of valuable substances. Bavarian partner introduces its experience in substance testing, further processing technology, and testing of potential application. The project includes the following activities: screening of suitable strains as concerns physiological and photosynthetic activities to adjust suitable conditions for production of desired compounds, mass cultivation experiments using improvements via physiological and genetic processes, determination of metabolic pathways for "high value" and "low value” products, identification of minor substances and description of technology for their use. The research package includes activities focused on the application potential of research results. In addition to the experimental work, there are exchanges of professional staff and know-how, education activities, and presentation of results.



Project progress 2018-2019

In the 2nd monitoring period, cultivation trials were further carried out with cultures of cyanobacterium Cylindrospermum CCALA-988 microalgae which produce valuable substances with potential pharmaceutical use. The aim was to optimize growth variables in phototrophic cultivation mode in volumes ranging from 100 mL to 100 litres. The cultures prepared in these PBRs were used as an inoculum for outdoor pilot cultivation in greenhouse raceways units to obtain higher amount of biomass for analysis. Physiological variables and photosynthetic activities (growth, photochemical yield, electron transport rate and oxygen production) were measured in pilot trials to monitor the cultivation process.

The last series of trials has started this year. The aim is to produce larger amount of biomass (about 150 g DW) of unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis under well-controlled laboratory PBRs as one of potential biomass sources for chemical industry (bioplastics). April 2019