Department of phototrophic microorganisms


The Department of phototrophic microorganisms is one of the five scientific divisions of the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. While the Institute has headquarters in Prague, our Department is located in the baroque building of the Opatovicky mlyn (mill) near Trebon, 150 km south of Prague.

The research program of the Department is focused on photosynthetic microorganisms, algae, cyanobacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. The Centre for algal biotechnology - Algatech has been established in 2011.

The Laboratory of Photosynthesis studies photosynthesis in algae and photosynthetic bacteria.
The Laboratory of Cell Cycles studies regulation of cell cycles in algae.
The Laboratory of Algal Biotechnology studies the technologies of algal production, their optimizing and processing of the product as well as various practical uses of algae.

News and events

26. 6. 2014

Pravidelné prohlídky

Zveme Vás… na pravidelné prohlídky Opatovického mlýna, kde sídlí Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i.   V červenci a srpnu každý čtvrtek od 14 hodin. Sraz u vrátnice. Read all

17. 6. 2014

Plant Cell Cycle Workshop

Plant Cell Cycle Workshop, June 25. - 27. 2014 in Třeboň -invitation- Read all

17. 6. 2014

O zeleném zázraku I.

Seminar in Opatovický mill -invitation- Read all